On Site Activities

Fishing in Fall Creek

FCC_Hatchery_supported_sign_2.JPG (43650 bytes)Fall_Creek_2_1.jpg (16074 bytes)Fall Creek is a state stocked rushing mountain trout stream along the east border of our property. It borders our property for approximately 1,650 feet starting at the bridge on the county road where our entrance is.
Guests are free to walk, picnic, or fish along the creek.  A fishing license is required by the state of North Carolina.
(Note of interest: Fall Creek has its beginnings at the Cascades, a tourist attraction along the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway, mile marker 272 - approximately 8.5 miles from our property).

Green Branch Waterfalls

Green_Branch_Stream_3.JPG (59388 bytes)
Green_Branch_Falls.jpg (17011 bytes) Beginning at the bridge on Fall Creek Road and bordering our private entrance road, you will find Green Branch cascading down the rock faces on the right side. It borders the south boundary of our property for a distance of approximately 2,000 ft. Although not as large as Fall Creek, activities along Green Branch are most refreshing. One of the most spectacular sights along Green Branch is a beautiful set of waterfalls.

Hiking Trails

Hiking_ Trail_Foot_Bridge_3.JPG (73853 bytes)Hiking_Trail_1.JPG (64841 bytes)There are private hiking trails on the property for your exploration. One of the most popular trails includes hand-made foot bridges over Green Branch and a secluded picnic table site at a perfect creekside setting.

Picnic Areas

PC_Picnic_table_1.JPG (62580 bytes)Picnic_Area_On_Trail_By_Stream_4.JPG (63561 bytes)

Picnic tables are conveniently located outside each cabin.
Campfire/bonfire rings are also provided at each cabin. Guests enjoy roasting marshmallows & hot dogs, story-telling and snuggling with that special someone around their private campfire.
  For the more adventurous guests there are many areas on the property and along the creek where blanket picnics can be held.  Don't forget our creekside picnic table setting along the Green Branch hiking trail.

Wildlife Viewing
PC_Picnic_table_1.JPG (62580 bytes)Picnic_Area_On_Trail_By_Stream_4.JPG (63561 bytes)
You will not be the only ones staying on the Fall Creek property. There are many non-paying guests such as deer, turkey, raccoon, grouse, squirrel, skunk, hawk, eagles, chipmunks and others that call the area home. Feeders can be found in our meadow area where guests can watch the animals feed in their natural surroundings.


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